"I am an artist based in New York, yet willing to travel just to be a part of something great. I've graduated with an associates degree in Graphic Design at Kingsborough Community College. Realising this wasn't for me, I then went to the School of Visual Arts and graduated with a bachelors degree for Computer Animation and Visual Effects. During my sophomore year at SVA, I took a chance at enrolling in a special makeup effects class, and got hooked only because I was capable to take my artwork to the next level. I now work alongside an FX shop that gives me the opportunity to fully put into practice that anything is truly possible.
Since then, I have included more makeup into my work which leads me to broaden my style. Although i am still a student of life and art, everyone is my teacher. Some i seek, some I subconsciously attract. Often i learn by simply observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I'm learning from them, yet i bow deeply in gratitude."