Charles D. Lincoln is a New York-based actor, writer, activist, musician, and occasional advice columnist. Born in the infamous area of Manhattan known as Hell's Kitchen and raised in the sleepy suburban wastes of Long Island, from an early age, he showed an affinity for the darker aspects of life, recounting among his first movies horror classics like The Omen and Rosemary's Baby and his first novel read, as a child, being Stephen King's Pet Sematary. 

The son of grindhouse and adult film legend, Fred J. Lincoln, he spent 12 years as a touring musician, doing vocals in the underground bands Dark Eden and Nemesis Imperium under the name Reverend Charles Lupula, sharing the stage with bands like Hanzel und Gretyl, the Genitorturers, Wykked Wytch, Carnivore, Combichrist, and death rock luminaries, 45 Grave. He wrote a syndicated advice column called ASK THE REVEREND; hosted a public access variety show called DENIED HEAVEN: THE TV SHOW; modeled for several dark-erotica/fetish websites, including pulp author, Christa Faust's long defunct Necromantic dot com; and was responsible for many pieces of performance art in the more conservative corners of America.

In 2009, after losing half of his hearing, he began to focus on other interests, returning to his childhood love of horror and science fiction, nurtured by the steady stream of 70's and 80's classic horror he grew up on, as well as the subscription to the Starlog SFX magazines his father got him. As a teenager, he would often write novel-length works simply for the enjoyment of his friends, and as a young adult, at the New York Institute of Technology, Charles often found himself the talent in many of his film and television production classes, simply because of his ability to improvise. Now, with the possible loss of his ability to continue to create music, Charles decided to concentrate on acting and writing.

Though his focus is on dark fiction, his first published credit was co-writing the autobiography of 90's porn star, Houston, in the form of HOUSTON: PRETTY ENOUGH. In 2013, he played a debauched pirate in the music video for Tibbie X and DJ Slut's SEXY SATAN, directed by Kevin Vonesper, and he later wrote, produced, and starred as the antagonist in the short film, M IS FOR MONOTHEIST, with director Jennifer Valdez. Recently, he had his first experience with director, Jeremiah Kipp, playing Alex in the short film, SLUGS.

Though he is an admitted newcomer to the world of film, Charles is no stranger to performance, nor to creating art designed to make people face the dark truths within themselves.