Marisa Román was born on January 30, 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied with Lisa Formosa, a member of the Actor's Studio; has taken courses of movement, with Hernan Cabiativa where she explored the Grotowski method; and expanded her art with singing lessons with Yamilé Lanchas. In August 2014, she moved to New York, where she studied at The Susan Batson Studio, The Simon Studio and with acting coach Robert Russell.

Marisa began doing theater when she was 9 years old. At 16, she was selected for her first television role. Since then, she has starred in two series and 10 telenovelas. In a career with many highlights, her dual role in “Cosita Rica” (2003-2004) as twins “Verónica” and “María Suspiro” stands out and made her a household name in Venezuela. Marisa’s work in film has also been consistent: “Elipsis” (with Edgar Ramírez), “Lo que tiene el otro,” “Ni tan largos... ni tan cortos...” (Award for best actress at the National Film Festival of Merida 2007), “Día Naranja,” “La Hora Cero” (The Zero Hour) (Award for best actress in a supporting role at the National Film Festival of Merida 2010 and Award of the Public for all the crew at the LALIFF – Latino Film Festival of Los Angeles 2011), “Samuel,” “Cuidado con lo que sueñas,” “Memorias de un soldado” and “Bloodbath Test.” On stage, Marisa has worked with the Grupo Actoral 80 in plays written by two of the best Venezuelan theater authors: Fausto Verdial's “¡Y… las mujeres también!” and “Los hombros de América,” and José Ignacio Cabrujas' “El día que me quieras.”