pooya mohseni as the mysterious woman

Pooya Mohseni is an Iranian/American actress...She is a graduate of the esteemed Maggie Flanigan Studio. Her recent feature film roles include the evil housekeeper in Michael Conroy's BRUTAL COLORS with Royal Blue Pictures, a compassionate organ harvester (who also appears as a game show hostess in a dream sequence) in Mark Clauburg and Peter Lisowsky's BEFORE THE SHOW, and an aging, hardened madame in Bari Kang's LUCKY. 

She recently shot a Co-Star role on MADAM SECRETARY for CBS, directed by Eric Stoltz, a comedy PSA for MTV's GIRL CODE, and a satire with Healthinnation, directed by Brendan Anderer.

Her recent stage performances include Josiah De'Andrea's A TOUCH OF FOREVER which was accepted into Fringe NYC festival, directed by Michael Tartaglia, Joseph Samuel Wright's SINNERS IN THE SUN, directed by Joan Kane, as part of Nylon Fusion's THIS ROUND'S ON US one act play festival and Rob Lomanto's SHOOTING STARR, directed by Lisa Panzer, at Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

"Be it theatre or film, comedy or drama, I like to play characters that one would judge at first glance...I want to find their humanity, their pain and then find what makes them tick! At the end of the day, we all want to be loved...so I do my best to give love to those characters."
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