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  • cinema crazed - review of theresa + allison - “the characters come off as human in a many that most lower budget vampire films often cannot achieve. The writing is strong and creates these characters and their situation and the directing brings it to the screen in a manner that is just about perfect.”

  • - review of theresa + allison - "A fun, twisted, vampire movie with characters you’ll want to know more about!"

  • the independent critic - review of theresa + allison - “an often dark and brutal film that is mesmerizing to watch”

  • (re)searchmytrash - review of theresa + allison - “set entirely in the grey area between good and evil and populated by strong, well fleshed-out and deeply conflicted characters with interesting backstories”



  • dread central - theresa & allison get not safe for work (4/17/15)


  • modernhorrors - THERESA & ALLISON IS GRISLY, NASTY, AND SADISTIC (4/13/15)


  • Fangoria - exclusive photos and comments, plus NSFW trailer: “ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets MANIAC” in “THERESA & ALLISON” (4/10/15)



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